Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Search Tutor Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy policy before you register as a Student or a Tutor on the Search Tutor website. If anything in this document is not clear, then please contact us via the email address provided in this document. Once a Student or a Tutor has registered with Search Tutor, then all terms and conditions mentioned in this document are binding.


Search Tutor is dedicated to the protection of information provided by our Students and Tutors. All information relating to the use of information provided in a Tutor or Student’s application will be outlined in this document.

Data Collected by Search Tutor

1.1 All data provided by a Student or Tutor in their application will be accessible to Search Tutor. 1.2 When a Student or Tutor registers with Search Tutor, Search Tutor collects and stores the date you provide, including: your name, profile photo, email address, password, phone number, occupation, gender, birthday, promo video, and application documents. This information will not be shared with third parties without the consent of the Student or Tutor in question.

Data Provided when Applying

2.1 Data submitted as part of a Student or Tutor’s profile will be visible to others using the Search Tutor platform. Information such as your name, profile photo, subjects available, languages, time zone, and country will be available for platform users to observe.

Payment Information

3.1 Payment information submitted by Students and Tutors will be stored and accessible to Search Tutor. This information will not be shared with third parties.


4.1 In order to promote Search Tutor and its courses, Student and Tutors may be asked if their name and profile images can be shared on the Search Tutor website and/or social media platforms. Search Tutor acknowledges that consent must be obtained from a Student or Tutor before stating their information online via our website and social media pages.

Recording of Lessons

5.1 All lessons at Search Tutor will be recorded to comply with our safeguarding policy (please see our Safeguarding Policy for more information regarding this).


6.1 Search Tutor takes appropriate security measures to protect Students and Tutors against unauthorised access, discourse, and destruction of personal data.

Your Rights

7.1 Student and Tutors have the right to opt out of any promotional emails and collection of your data at any point.


8.1 The Search Tutor platform is compliant with current GDPR laws and is bound to the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


9.1 Search Tutor uses cookies, which are small text files stored by your browser, to collect, store, and share data about your activities across websites.

System Data

10.1 Data relating to your system, inducing your IP address, device, and browser will be stored by Search Tutor.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

11.1 Search Tutor reserves the right to amend/change/discard the points highlighted in this article at any time.

Contact Details
General Enquiries: [email protected]
Applications: [email protected]